Konstanz: An ideal city to feel at home

Konstanz is a very small city with 80,000 residents. It’s safe, easy to get acquainted with and boasts a friendly atmosphere typical of Southern Germany. The city center, with it’s medieval architecture located on the biggest lake in Germany, quickly grows on you. As a popular tourist destination and home to one of the most renowned universities (University of Konstanz) and vocational colleges (HTWG Konstanz), Konstanz has an international flair. Theater, symphony orchestra, multiple cinemas and the restaurant and bar scene offer diverse culture and entertainment.

Konstanz is also the center of one of the most activity-friendly regions in Germany. Lake Constance calls to swimmers, sailors, windsurfers and seafarers. In close proximity to the city, one can find forests, mountains with stunning views, dreamy little towns and romantic castles. Everything in Konstanz is reachable by bike, as Konstanz is a bicyclists’ paradise. The Alps are not only visible, but are also reachable in less than 2 hours!

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An ideal start for travel around Europe:

Konstanz is located in the heart of Europe on the Swiss and near the Austrian border. Within 8 hours, you can be in Paris, Florence, Venice, Vienna or Amsterdam. The largest German airport, Frankfurt am Main, can be reached by train in 4 hours. Munich is only 3.5 hours by bus away. Konstanz is also close to Zurich, which is reachable in about one hour by train.